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Why Gold Has ‘A Lot More Room’ to Grow: Strategist


As a seasoned strategist, I have been closely monitoring the remarkable ascent of gold prices and the underlying factors propelling this surge. In this article, I delve into the driving forces behind the bullish momentum in gold, its potential for further growth, and the contrasting dynamics in the commodity market, particularly crude oil.

Driving Forces Behind Gold’s Rise

  • Geopolitical Shifts: The unprecedented geopolitical landscape, marked by the evolving dynamics between President Z and President Putin, has disrupted the traditional world order. This shift has fueled a flight from the dollar towards gold as a safe haven asset.
  • Central Bank Purchases: Major players like China and India continue to bolster their gold reserves, indicating sustained demand and confidence in gold as a long-term investment.
  • Unique Performance: Unlike other commodities, gold consistently trends upwards over time, setting new highs and showcasing resilience amid market fluctuations.
  • ETF Outflows Turning Point: Despite significant outflows in Gold ETFs, the recent stabilization suggests a potential reversal towards inflows, which could further accelerate the gold rally.

Technical Analysis and Price Projections

  • Breakout Patterns: The technical analysis reveals a pattern of frustrating bullish expectations before a breakout, a strategy known as maximum disdain, which has now propelled gold towards the $3,000 mark.
  • Support Levels: The $2,000 resistance level has transformed into a crucial support level, paving the way for further upward movement.
  • Digital Evolution: The emergence of Bitcoin and its growing popularity pose a challenge to gold’s traditional status, hinting at a potential shift in the monetary landscape.

Crude Oil Dynamics and Market Comparison

  • Autocorrelations in Crude Oil: The correlation between crude oil prices and market movements underscores the interplay between oil prices and broader economic trends.
  • Price Volatility: Recent movements above $83 per barrel indicate a potential shift, with implications for both the energy market and broader economic indicators.
  • Commodity vs. Stock Market Performance: The contrasting performance of commodities, with a decline in the Bloomberg Commodity Spot Index against a bullish stock market, raises questions about the sustainability of this trend.


In conclusion, the trajectory of gold and crude oil prices reflects a complex interplay of geopolitical, economic, and market dynamics. While gold’s upward momentum seems poised for further growth, the future of commodities, particularly in the face of a robust stock market, remains uncertain. As investors navigate these shifting landscapes, understanding the underlying drivers and trends becomes paramount for informed decision-making in the ever-evolving financial markets.


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