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5 Types of Multifamily Investment Business Plans

Investors must understand different investment approaches to align goals.

Let’s analyze the five main types of multifamily investment business plans and their associated risk-reward profiles.

1. Core Assets

  • Risk Profile: Very low to low
  • Description: These properties are either brand new or recently built, offering modern amenities and high rents. They attract stable, qualified residents, highlighting stable income and capital preservation.
  • Focus: Stable income and risk reduction strategy.

2. Core Plus

  • Risk Profile: Low to moderate
  • Description: Older properties in prime locations with potential for improvements in management, amenities, and overall appeal.
  • Focus: Stable income, capital preservation, with modest growth potential.

3. Value Add

  • Risk Profile: Moderate
  • Description: Older properties require significant renovations and updates to improve value and appeal.
  • Focus: Opportunity for forced appreciation through property optimization.

4. Opportunistic

  • Risk Profile: High
  • Description: Properties requiring expansive rehabilitation, rezoning, or redevelopment for potential higher profits.
  • Focus: Theoretical nature with challenges and hurdles to overcome.

5. New Development

  • Risk Profile: Very high
  • Description: Ground-up construction projects with inherent risks like supply chain issues, market dynamics, and political factors.
  • Focus: Long-term investment with no immediate cash flow, emphasizing high-risk, high-reward potential.


Each multifamily investment business plan offers a unique risk-reward profile, catering to different investor preferences and strategies.


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