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What is cloud computing first of all let us try to understand what is a cloud in cloud computing cloud is nothing but remote servers hosted over the internet.

So now what is cloud computing cloud computing is the delivery of computing services such as storing managing accessing and processing data on remote servers over the internet.

Now let’s talk about the advantages of cloud computing offers the benefit of accessing from anywhere you just need an internet connection it lowers your operating and maintaining cost. You don’t have to buy expensive hardware and software you don’t even have to invest in experts for managing the infrastructure your cloud service provider handles all these for you.

As a result, it frees up your time so that you can get on with running your business and you pay only for cloud services you use in terms of reliability it offers many advanced security features while maintaining 24 into 7 availability yes downtime is rare in cloud services because of lower cost faster deployment time and increased flexibility the demand for these services are growing up and thus opening up many job opportunities.

What is Cloud Computing


Actually, we have been using cloud services every day we use many online services such as email social media online transactions watch movies play games etc it is cloud computing that is making it all possible behind the scenes almost all big applications work on the cloud there are many cloud service providers available such as google cloud, AWS, Microsoft SEO, IBM cloud etc.

Alright so coming to different services offered by cloud computing services falls into three categories.

1. Platform as a service

In this type of service, a vendor offers access to a cloud-based environment in which users can build and deliver applications.

2. Infrastructure as a service

In this, a vendor offers storage networking servers and other computing resources in the cloud

3. Software as a service

It is a cloud computing service where a vendor offers cloud-based software.

How to become a cloud computing engineer?

Cloud computing skills will be in great demand as most of the big applications are using cloud services because digital transformation is the future of the business and cloud computing is the key enabler of digital transformation.

So cloud computing experience is in big demand now let us understand how to become cloud computing expert as such anyone with a bachelor or master degree in IIT or computer science can enter this field but you will need to acquire some specific skills to enter into the sector and this can be achieved by taking courses in cloud computing.

What is Cloud Computing


Coming to skills expected by a cloud expert he should have good knowledge about major cloud service players such as Microsoft Azure, AWS cloud services. Needs to learn several programming languages such as python, java, ruby, PHP swift,c and c ++ etc.

Knowledge of structure query language is also required to handle manage and store data when working with databases in cloud computing platforms also needs to learn fundamentals of cloud computing such as computer security networking basics of Linux, pl and SQL and computer architecture.

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Responsibilities of a cloud engineer

The cloud engineers responsibilities will vary depending on the role a cloud engineer’s primary responsibility is to maintain plan design and develop cloud-based applications.

The other responsibilities of a cloud engineer are designing and implementing scalable operations on cloud platforms migrating large and multi-tier applications on cloud platforms maintaining the cloud applications on a regular ensure having the best security solution in the cloud recommending improvement in process and architecture.

Certifications available to become a cloud computing engineer

Certifications available to become a cloud computing engineers are amazon web service certification AWS, IBM certified cloud solution architect, Microsoft azure cloud certification, google cloud professional cloud architect, cisco cloud all right.

How to get a job as a cloud engineer without experience

Getting a full-time cloud engineer role for a fresher is not an easy job if you are a fresher you must get a cloud computing certification before entering into the field as a newcomer every company wants to have people with at least a little bit of real-world experience.

What is Cloud Computing


So it’s important to gain some experience and for that, you can start looking for on-the-job training internships or freelance projects this will help you gain more experience skills and expertise strong online presence is the key to reaching out to employers and your online portfolio can do wonders in impressing the hiring manager.

It is an advantage is to build a cloud portfolio with projects from your training projects and always carry a physical or digital copy of it to your interview and do not give up if you have been rejected a few times commit to your goal and allow rejections to motivate you to work harder.

While you wait for the right opportunity stay up to date on the latest cloud trends which are constantly changing now.

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What salary can a cloud engineer expect

A cloud engineer salary is determined by location job role company skills and experiences the starting job in cloud computing is about 5 lakh per annum and with more experience such as 4 to 10 years, you can expect to earn up to 15 to 20 lakhs per year.

Just remember one thing your salary will vary depending on where you live and the top recruiters are amazon oracle sap Accenture TCS HCL etc coming to the last one future of cloud computing the cloud is here to stay despite the panoramic the cloud computing domain is popular and rapidly evolving most businesses have adapted to the new normal of working from home and the crisis has also created excellent opportunities for cloud professionals giants such as enforcers TCS cognizant tech Mahindra and others have increased the world of the cloud market.

So if you are interested in cloud computing as a profession cloud computing would be ideal for you.