Topper Student Timetable

Do you want to know Topper Student Timetable they use to achieve top results with minimal stress?.

Let’s first break one myth long hours are not equal to academic success to ace your exams you do not have to forgo your sleep and social life.

Smart work and good planning will take you a long way. Let’s begin straight away with the perfect timetable for exam preparation now we’ve divided this into two parts weekdays and weekends.

6: 00 AM

wake up and drink a glass of warm water and have a handful of dry fruits containing multivitamins and antioxidants which will keep your brain sharp and focused but if you prefer fresh fruits then go for papaya or banana as the sugar will give you a boost of energy.

6: 20 AM

Make a to-do list so take a diary or a planner maybe you want to use an online calendar and write down your targets write down the things to do on the left-hand side, for example, revise photosynthesis solve matrices read chapter number five of English and so on.

Topper Student Timetable

As you complete these strike them off the list you know this is a small but very important step having your goals right in front of you will motivate you to put in the required work now on the right-hand side of this list add new assignments tasks and deadlines that keep coming up during the day things to remember every morning shift items from things to remember to things to do.

6: 30 to 7: 30 AM

First study session in the morning your brain is fresh so pick the subject that requires the most effort pick a difficult theory based subject like biology if you’re a morning person but if you’re not very active in the morning then you might want to go for maybe a numerical subject like math which will wake you up now remember to sit in a clean and quiet place whether it’s your study table or your balcony but this should be your focus zone with your phone kept far away.

7: 30 to 8: 30 AM

Have a bath followed by a healthy breakfast your breaky should have complex carbohydrates and high protein so keep that packaged cereal box away and reach out to eggs milk curd sprouts oats now take some time to browse through the news whether it’s a newspaper that you like or news apps nowadays schools and college value general knowledge and problem-solving so staying abreast with the latest news will help you in the thinking or essay type questions.

8: 30 to 2: 00 PM

Time for school if your school is online remember to sit straight hydrate stretch your legs in the break and if your school or college timetable is different you can just adjust this timetable accordingly now if the school gets over at 2 pm take a break for an hour chill check your social media and respond to your messages.

3: 00 p.m to 5: 00 PM

We’re going to have our study session the second study session but don’t worry it’s not all in one go study for 50 minutes take your eyes some rest and then you come back and study for another 15 minutes and this session is complete.

5: 00 to 5: 30 PM

Have a cup of milk or tea take a small snack bite and check your social media again.

5: 30 to 6: 30 PM

Time to exercise and catch up with your friends even better do both of them together take a walk as you talk or cycle.

Topper Student Timetable

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6: 30 PM

Come back home again it’s this hour to analyze previous year’s question papers mark the questions that are repeated and the keywords remember 70 of the marks come from 30 to 40 of the syllabus and put these topics on your to-do list for tomorrow and if you’re going for tuition then utilize this hour for your tuition.

7: 30 PM

Have your dinner remember to eat green vegetables protein salads and pulses.

8: 00 to 9: 00 PM

We have the last study session come on push just a little bit here take up stuff that needs memorization when you learn important material just before going to bed the subconscious mind works on it and you remember it better in the long term you can also complete journals.

If the practical dates are closed finally it’s time to wind up pack your bag for tomorrow you can also listen to podcasts and music while doing this stay away from social media before you go to sleep because of that blue light on the cell phone and you will find a big impact.

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Wish you all the best study! well, take care and happy learning.