Tell Me About Yourself

How to answer the interview question tell me about yourself if you are a fresher so if you’ve got a job interview coming up for any role whatsoever and you are a fresher make sure you prepare yourself for the most common question –  Tell Me About Yourself Or Tell Me Something About Yourself.

You submitted the resume and you waited and you waited patiently and finally, you got that phone call, and now you got the interview. You’re sitting across the table and the hiring manager smiles and asks you the question… Tell me about yourself.

When answering the question tell me about yourself now you have the advantage as a fresher that you have no preconceived ideas about work so this means they get to train and develop you to be the perfect employee so you are effectively a blank canvas.

Tell Me About Yourself

Here are the five things you must include in your answer to the question tell me about yourself

    1. Talk about the skills and qualities you have that the hiring manager is looking for. Write down a list of your five most prominent skills and qualities.  Now if you are unsure of what to write down here’s a list of skills and qualities that all employers want from their employees.  
      1. Trustworthiness and loyalty they want somebody who is going to be loyal to their brand and that they can trust the person to do a great job.
      2. Perseverance and self-motivation so if you are the type of person who is self-motivated to get up and running in the role quickly and you persevere to complete tasks properly then you are far more likely to get hired.
      3. Problem-solving skills and resilience are those who keep going in the face of adversity and they never give up.
      4. Creative and innovative so if you are able to come up with different ideas to help their business grow and develop you are far more likely to get hired.
      5. Positive mindset and a can-do attitude they want enthusiasm passion and hunger to learn.
      6. Able to work calmly whilst under pressure.

      So make sure you take a note of those skills and qualities

    2. Tell the interviewer that you are a fast learner when answering the question tell me about yourself this is one of the most important qualities.
    3. Tell the interviewer that you are a blank canvas now we have already touched on this at the start of this article because experienced employees sometimes come with their own problems they might be set in their ways or they might be unwilling to change but you are going to be different. Because you are a fresher that means they can train you up to be exactly how they want you to be and we will use that to our advantage.
    4. Tell the interviewer you have a growth mindset. If you are the type of person who wants to continually improve grow and develop you will be an asset to their company so tell them that you are always looking to improve grow and develop.
    5. When you answer the question tell me about yourself as a fresher make sure you include an example of a historic achievement that you have gained so tell the interviewer something of significance you have achieved in your life so far.

      Because this demonstrates that you are a high achieving person let me give you some examples of historical achievements for freshers this could be achieving exceptional academic grades or exam results it could be winning a team sporting event or trophy, it could be the fact that you have been included in a student-related achievement publication or being recognized during your education by way of an award or some form of certification.


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Tell Me About Yourself Interview


Usually, the hiring manager makes up his or her mind in the first three minutes of the interview. Do you make a good impression? From a hiring manager perspective, from an employer’s perspective, what is the best response to the question “tell me about yourself.”

When the hiring manager is asking you the question “tell me about yourself” they are not actually asking about your whole life story. They’re not asking about your parents, your background, your dog’s name, and what kind of cat you have. It is not about that.

So when people hear that question, they think, “Oh, let me tell you my life story!” and twenty minutes into it, you have not talked about anything important. So, what they’re actually asking is what are you bringing to the table.

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What value could you bring to the company? What problems can you solve for the company? That’s what they are asking. And you shouldn’t go on and on and on about all your background and all of that. No. Don’t do that.

Be yourself, but be your best self. See, one of the mistakes people make here is they believe in the interview, “well, I just want to be myself”. Yes, you want to be yourself, but you want to be your best self. You want to be authentic, you don’t want to be fake. But it doesn’t mean that you just share everything. This is the first time you just sitting across the table from a hiring manager, it’s like a date. Right? You’re just getting to know each other. This is like a coffee date.

So make sure that you present your best self. Lead with your strong foot forward. So when they are asking you a question, everything you share, any statement that you make, you always want to tie it back to what’s in it for them.