Is Infosys a good company to start your career

Do you want to know Is Infosys a good company to start your career?

Top reasons to work at Infosys

Let’s start with the positives of Infosys

Training Period In Infosys

Infosys have the wonderful thing about the process is the training that they provide. Now once you are recruited you are placed in Mysore on their incredibly beautiful campus and you are provided with very structured training.

During this training, you are exposed to not just technologies of the past and the present but also the technologies of the future and all the way because the testing process is also quite rigorous you will end up upscaling yourself now this becomes of a big reward for people who do not come from strong background maybe you are a person coming from poor areas like mechanical civil electrical maybe you are also a person who has not been exposed to technology during graduation.

Growth In Infosys

Beauty is once the creaming is over there’s a very good chance you have master tools and you are ready to start contributing to the company now this is a big plus learning.

At the start of the Career, it’s not the money that is important but it’s learning and that learning is something that Infosys gives.

Is Infosys a good company to start your career
Is Infosys a good company to start your career

Negative Side Of Infosys

But having seen the greatest positive Infosys news let’s now look at a few of the issues that quite a few employees at the start in Infosys.

Infosys Package

Money itself yes money is not the most important thing in life at the start of the period but money has to start growing along, unfortunately, Infosys is not a great paymaster and the height that it gives especially during the initial years is not that very competitive so yes it is going to be a drawback.

It is going to be something that you probably are going to cry above inside even if you are going to keep smiling when you are working it enforces.

Domain Selection In Infosys

Lack of control on the technology that you are going to master unfortunately Infosys is a mass accrue table and it does get projects from various clients across the world and what happens is after you have been provided with the structured training you don’t actually get an option of which technology you are going to actually work in if it so happens or project the requests manpower and it so happens that you are shortlisted for that project you will be put in that project whether you like it or not and that technology of the project might not be your strength nor might it have great future nor might it have something that interests you.

Is Infosys a good company to start your career
Is Infosys a good company to start your career

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But you have to continue and therefore this is a deal-breaker as far as I’m concerned but having said that let’s also be realistic if you were to look at the job market jobs are not easy if you look very closely if you are very very good then what is going to happen is you are going to be lapped up by better-paying companies and for me payment and the challenge that the job comes hand in hand.

So you end up basically getting good projects of mastering better technologies contributing to that technology and then going speedy forward in your career but if you are in the centre of the pyramid where you’re not that great on the technology side you have your own self-doubt sauce personality and for you promptly getting a job is a struggle then completes like in forces are the best boon that can come your way not just because there are huge rooters but because they do provide the training and they take the responsibility off training you that’s not something that top companies wouldn’t do because they are they expect you to come a ready-made.

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So what I would suggest is if you do come from the middle of the pyramid go ahead look at Infosys and then during the training process learn as much as you can see to it you are scaling it is not that Infosys will not ask for options give them the right option and then convince them that you deserve to be put in a project that has the technology of your liking and more importantly a technology that’s going to give you better lead in the career as you go forward.