HTML project ideas

I would like to tell you about HTML project ideas for projects to construct your coding portfolio in HTML and CSS as a front-end developer.

Biography Page

The first project idea very easy for like total beginners is to create a simple page with a biography of the person you like you admire.

I don’t know maybe your favourite writer or I don’t know and YouTuber you like where you will put some images some text your position everything and that’s it.

Contact Page

HTML project ideas
HTML project ideas

Creating a contact page with a form you should code like a few simple fields button and that’s it just to practice.


HTML project ideas
HTML project ideas

Here, the next project for beginners is your portfolio is to create a little bit more advanced form like for example registration form you can build the whole page where you will add some nice background then you can put a card and on this card, you should add some more fields like field or checkbox, you can also add some nice effect with CSS or animations everything depends on you and remember the better projects you will create with a better it will look in your portfolio.

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Product Landing Page

The next project is to build a product landing page you can imagine. Like creating a new model of the mobile phone II would like to buy and product like this needs a layout where you will describe the product, you will show some images also you can maybe try to build a slider or section with the features of the product everything depends on you.

Try to make it a little bit longer to have like some easy but bigger products in your portfolio.

Restaurant Page

The next idea is to create a restaurant with many pages so you can use maybe a table. You can use images for each course you like to show and you can use pricing also you can use categories even you can use lots of lists in different ways.

Use beautiful graphics in the background you can add some animations or you can add a battle to order everything depends on you.

It’s a project which can look really really beautiful if you will select the good pictures so spend some time and do a beautiful thing.

Fitness Club Page

HTML project ideas

Another exciting iconic product that you can do is wait for your favourite fitness club so you can create a page like a class timetable. It’s a little bit more challenging you can use more skills here you can create a pricing table. Make the introduction of the personal trainers in the gym or show some pictures it’s a great idea in some of these projects to use CSS frameworks.

If you will feel comfortable with HTML and CSS try to use maybe bootstrap for any of your projects or bomba or any other CSS framework.

CV Web Page

Let’s go-to product project number seven this one will be really useful for you because it’s a project oreo of your portfolio page so it can be useful because you can use it as your resume you can show your project or you can write something about you about your career.

You can even show your folder and you can host it somewhere on the internet and show it links to this page in your CV and show it to your future employee maybe so I think it is a great idea to maybe even use some CSS animations.

Application Landing Page

The application landing page imagines that you are taking your favourite mobile application or the one you would like to create in the future and you need to tell about this application to people so you have to create a landing page. Which will tell what is this application what its features does it have what how does it look like! how people can download it so we can add these two buttons or maybe you can add a QR code depends on you.

I hope you like all these HTML project ideas and you will build some of them of course remember to keep your products on Github to create a repository there and push all your product projects because you can grow them with future ideas.