In this effective article, I will guide you on how to write a cv with no experience. If you have no previous work experience if you are applying for any job with any company and you need to submit a cv but you have no previous work experience make sure you stay tuned to read the article from start to finish.


Let me give you several really important tips for writing and structuring a cv if you have no previous experience.

1. Keep your cv to just two sides of A4 so this is crucial if you want to catch the attention of the hiring manager and keep your cv to the point relevant and succinct. If you want it to be successful now remember the hiring manager has many CVS to assess so it’s important that yours is punchy positive and applicable to the position you have applied for.

2. When structuring your cv if you have no experience only include the following six sections section   

  1. Within this first section of your cv include your full name home address contact telephone number and email by the way, if your contact telephone number is your mobile make sure you have a professional-sounding answer phone message.
  2. The personal statement now your personal statement is the first thing the hiring manager will read about you and your appropriateness for the position keep your personal statement positive sell yourself and focus on what you will do for their company.
  3. Education now in section 3 includes details of the school’s colleges or universities you attended in chronological order now chronological order is the schools or colleges you attended from first to last also in this section of your cv include the subjects you studied and the academic qualifications or grades you achieved.
  4. Relevant experience now in this section of your cv includes details of any work or relevant experience you have gained now this can include part-time jobs or jobs you have undertaken at home on a regular basis societies or groups you have been a part of or even sporting teams you have been in.
  5. Achievements now in this next section of your cv include any significant achievements you have gained in your life so far this can be team event achievements including trophies or awards one charity or sponsored events you have completed or even inclusion in a student-related publication.
  6. References this is really important now in this final part of your cv make sure you include the contact details of one or two references now a reference is a person the hiring manager can contact to verify who you are and confirm that you are a good person who will be able to add value to their company


3. For writing a brilliant cv if you have no experience is to make sure it is readable and free from spelling or grammar mistakes this is so important now if there are any mistakes on your cv it will get rejected because it indicates a lack of attention to detail.


4. It is absolutely vital that you have powerful words and phrases in your cv now because you have no previous work experience you have to sell yourself using great words that demonstrate you are positive forward thinking and you genuinely want to help their business or organization succeed in the role you will occupy.

It is always an honour and a pleasure to connect with like-minded professionals such as yourself thank you so much for reading the article and I wish you all the best in your career have a great day.