How to Prepare for Capgemini? Preparation Tips, Jobs alert and Books

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Are you looking for how to prepare for Capgemini Hiring Exam? If yes, then you are on the right article. Capgemini test is not very tough and can be cracked smoothly with routine practice. The most important thing is to make a good strategy.

How to Prepare for Capgemini? The Complete Guide

How to Prepare for Capgemini
How to Prepare for Capgemini

Preparation strategy for Capgemini

Before we move ahead you should be well aware of the Capgemini exam syllabus, marking scheme and eligibility criteria.

Capgemini Syllabus

Pseudo Code

  • Questions – 30 Ques ,Time – 30 mins
  • Understand the basics of data structures and C/ C++ programming
  • A skilled understanding of format specifiers is essential.

English Communication Test

  • Questions- 30 Ques ,Time- 30 mins
  • The most fundamental way of preparing for Verbal Ability is by reading. Read books, novels, newspapers, online blogs.
  • Practising writing on a timely basis will help you improve your thinking and formation of ideas.

Behavioral Test

  • Questions- 100 Ques,Time- 20 mins (Approx)
  • Visualize your answer delivery.
  • Develop a flow of connectivity.
  • Develop immediate solving skills.

Game Test

  • Questions- 4 games out of 24,Time- 22-24 mins
  • Track your solving improvement.
  • Understand the shortcuts/ tricks used.
  • Be aware of patterns.

Eligibility Criteria For Capmegimi

How to Prepare for Capgemini
Eligibility Criteria For Capmegimi

The qualifications must be:
Qualification BE / B.Tech / ME / M.Tech from branches of (CSE, ECE, EEE, IT, Civil etc.)
M.Sc with Computer Sciences and Information Technology Background.
BSc / BCA / BCom / BA (with Math / Statistics Background) in MCA.

% Criteria: The final aggregate of your BE/B. Tech should be at least 60%.
Backlogs: 1 Active Backlog. (To be cleared within the defined period)
Gap Criteria: Not more than two years of Academic Gap.

Capgemini Technical Interview Round

Capgemini Technical Interview Round
Capgemini Technical Interview Round

Technical Interview Round is an essential part of any workplace, particularly in the Capgemini. Here are some tips

  • Well prepared with the concepts of computer science.
  • Learn all your foundational concepts.
  • Have hands-on knowledge of conceptual topics.
  • A good understanding of a programming language is noteworthy.

Capgemini HR Interview Preparation

Finally, Capgeminiā€™s HR Interview is all on the natural go. Posses a natural way of chatting and this will help you in the long run as well. Consider these.

  • Train with repeated and most common questions.
  • Be prepared with the pattern of answers.
  • Be communicative instead of just replying.
  • Adhere to the loop of the question.

Most useful Books For Capgemini Exam

Most useful Books For Capgemini Exam
Most useful Books For Capgemini Exam

You can smoothly prepare for Capgemini Exam by taking help from Books. Eventually, it will help you to whiz your exam confidence.

Last-Minute Tips to Crack the Capgemini Off-Campus Exam

Still looking for preparation tips. Or are you running late? If so, here are the last-minute tips to crack Capgemini Off-Campus Exam.

  • Practice as per the level of difficulty concerning the category.
  • Check out the Solved mock tests from time to time.
  • Maintain consistency and precision daily.
  • Understand the criteria of the concepts.

Hope you have taken your notes on how to prepare for Capgemini. Good luck with your exam or interview. Stay connected for more informative articles at