How To Crack Wipro Exam?

Wipro Exam test is not very tough and can be cracked smoothly with routine practice. The most essential thing is to make a good strategy. Make sure that you are sticking to this page till the ending. So that you will not skip any of the information provided in this article.

Wipro Exam Preparation Tips

Exam Preparation Tips
  • Self confirms that you are sufficiently prepared with the exam pattern and the strategy of marking. This will help you explore the parameters that you need to set for practice.
  • Focus on understanding concepts rather than just practising.
  • For quantitive and logical, try to maintain your basics improve first and gradually increase the problem level.
  • For verbal, study grammar rules, try to practice reading comprehension.
  • Reading articles, magazines and newspapers will help you increase your vocabulary. 
  • Try to write an article/essay regularly, this way you will be able to bring some new ideas for your final essay.
  • Try to write the code on your own just reading the code won’t help. Try to learn the logic behind the code.

Wipro WILP Exam Pattern

Wipro written test has 3 sections:

How To Crack Wipro Exam?
WILP Exam Pattern

Round 1: Written Test

  • Quantitative- 15 questions in 60 minutes (shared with logical and verbal)
  • Logical- 15 questions in 60 minutes( shared with verbal and quants)
  • Verbal- 15 questions in 60 minutes( shared with quants and logical)
  • Coding- 2 questions in 60 minutes
  • Written Communication- 1 question 20 minutes

Round 2: Technical Interview

Technical Interview is a essential part of any workplace, particularly in the IT sector. It is a worthwhile part of the interview section. Freshers need to pay lookout to their skills, assignments and internships from which they get to know a great deal.

Technical Interview
Technical Interview

Technical Interview Questions are logical and to the point. It can be a heated round for a fresher because they are not aware of what type of questions they will be asked and how they should answer them.

Round 3: HR Round

As a job seeker, you can often anticipate to speak with an HR professional before proceeding for interviews with employees within the department for which you’re applying.

It’s crucial you prepare well for your HR interview. Oftentimes, a company uses their HR department to screen candidates and decide which candidates are most suitable for company.

Section Wise Wipro Exam Preparation Tips

The complete Wipro Exam Preparation Strategy for each section is in one place. Do not neglect to take notes. Let us begin.

Section Wise Wipro Exam Preparation Strategy
Section Wise Wipro Exam Preparation Strategy

Verbal Ability

  • Understanding the fundamentals of English Grammar help you in solving other Verbal Ability questions like Para-jumbles, Logical Continuation, Summary and even Reading Comprehension questions to a great extent.
  • The most basic way of preparing for Verbal Ability is by reading. Read books, novels, newspapers, online blogs.
  • Practising writing, on a timely basis will help you elevate your thinking and formation of ideas.

Quantitative Aptitude

  • Time management is cracking a particular calculation would turn convenient.
  • Focus on permutation and combinations.
  • Work on your speed in calculating.
  • Make sure to practice previous papers/repeated questions/ guessed concepts on different models.
  • Use formulae/fast tips for quick solving.


  • Improve your basic coding.
  • Focus on Object-Oriented programs along with C and C++.
  • Answering sample questions and maintaining your speed.
  • Understand all the measures and parameters in deep.

Last Minute Tips to Crack the Wipro Campus Hiring Test

Still looking for preparation tips. Or are you running late? If so, here are the last-minute tips to crack Wipro Exam. Weigh these tips to crack the Wipro Exam test and eventually, it will help you to whiz your exam confidence.

Last Minute Tips to Crack the Wipro Campus Hiring Test
Last Minute Tips to Crack the Wipro Campus Hiring Test
  • Practice as per the level of difficulty concerning the category.
  • Check out the Solved mock tests from time to time.
  • Maintain consistency and precision daily.
  • Understand the criteria of the concepts.
  • Have convenient accountable breaks.


What is the hiring process in Wipro?

If you are applying as a fresher, the will be a written test followed by a technical and HR round. If you are aware of the concepts of C and C++ with programming skills it’s easy to clear the interview.

How much time does Wipro take to release an offer letter for laterals?

For laterals, it won’t take much time. Wipro releases offer letters within 2 weeks. But exceptions are always there.

What if background verification fails in Wipro?

If the verification process fails somehow then you can get in contact with the HR departments and let them know about any miscommunication or misconceptions created. You can request them to reconsider repealing the verification process if you think there has been any mistake on their part.