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How to Become a 401K Millionaire

The number of savers with more than a million dollars in their retirement accounts has significantly increased, according to Fidelity Investments. This news has sparked a lot of interest, with many sharing their advice on how to become a 401K millionaire.

Older People Giving Advice to Younger Generations

One common thread that emerged from the comments was the movement of older people giving advice to younger people. Many readers emphasized the importance of starting to invest and save early, with the average 401K millionaire consistently investing for 26 years.

This advice is a reminder that becoming a 401K millionaire is not an overnight success, but rather a long-term commitment to saving and investing.

Maximize Employer Match and Start Small

Another piece of advice that came out of the discussion is to take advantage of employer matches and start small. If you can’t afford to max out your 401K contributions, start with a smaller amount and gradually increase it over time.

This approach is a practical way to build your retirement savings without putting too much strain on your current budget.

Avoid Raiding Your Retirement Account

The third piece of advice is to avoid raiding your retirement account. Last year, many retirement savers dipped into their retirement accounts to borrow money or withdraw funds completely.

However, this approach has penalties and taxes, and the money is gone for good. Instead, readers advised that it’s better to find other sources of funds and leave your retirement savings intact.

The Need for Financial Education

The discussion also highlighted the need for financial education. Many readers emphasized that employers need to do more to help employees understand how to invest their 401K money.

Additionally, there is a need for financial literacy education in high schools to help students understand the importance of saving and investing for retirement.


The advice shared by Yahoo Finance readers is a testament to the power of community and the importance of sharing knowledge and insights. By starting early, taking advantage of employer matches, avoiding raiding retirement accounts, and prioritizing financial education, anyone can work towards becoming a 401K millionaire.

What steps are you taking to ensure a comfortable retirement, and how can you prioritize financial education to help you make informed decisions about your retirement savings?


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