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Why join this Virtual Experience?

Accenture empowers you to be your best—personally and professionally. Every day around the world, we work with exceptional people, the latest and greatest tech and leading companies across industries. Deep dive into the evolving world of data from an analytics and visualization perspective with Navigating Numbers. Learn data basics such as data cleaning, modeling, visualization and storytelling.

Upon completion, you’ll be equipped with data fundamentals and an understanding of what a career in data analytics could look like. All Accenture North America Virtual Experience Programs give you a taste of how together, we can create meaningful, powerful change. Bring your skills, your curiosity and your best true self!

What will you do in this Coding Virtual Experience?

  • Object Oriented Programming Write a class to perform search on an interactive website.
  • Object Oriented Programming Java Spring Compare your work with real model solutions created by the Accenture Code Refactoring Consolidate copy/pasted code into a central location.
  • Code Refactoring Java Spring Compare your work with real model solutions created by the Accenture Continuous Integration Set up automated builds to validate code changes on every push.
  • Continuous Integration Jenkins DevOps Compare your work with real model solutions created by the Accenture Agile Planning Write stories for a new feature to help plan the next sprint.
  • Agile Methodology Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) Compare your work with real model solutions created by the Accenture This program is self-paced.

It takes approximately 5-6 hours to complete.

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Want to crack off campus drives?

There is seriously no rocket science for clearing off-campus interviews. They are just like normal interviews, a mere conversation between you and the interviewer.

You just have to stand out from the other students who are attending off-campus. Here, I would like you to take care of a few things:

First and foremost, walk-in with confidence and to be ve
The first step is aptitude so prepare well, for that and after that, you have to prepare the following.

One Programming Language: You have to perfect one programming language(Either C or java anyone)Chose one programming language and read all the basics, and learn some programs.

Problem Solvingyou have to good problem solver Logical and analytical

Communication SkillLast but not least, you must have strong communication skills to achieve the target. Simply be confident, talk clearly and give your 100%. (Try to exercise in front of the mirror or record your videos while answering some questions and then share those videos or audios to your friends and mentors -so, that they can correct you beforehand.)
When you are talking about reputation and credibility what are factors that plays an important role:-

1- Academics & Achievements

2- Extracurricular activities

3- Projects

4- Social work or any valuable assignment done or currently doing

TAKE ONE STEP AT A TIME. If your legs are on two boats then you will fall from both. Go to interview like it’s the last, there is no other option and you really wanna do the work company doing, not for money.
Talk politely and boldly with everyone you meet as you are not the only one in the queue and also not the “Albert Einstein”.Always remember to say hello and thank you.

Your appearance matter in interview wears a white shirt and black pant with the back shoe.
At last but not least “don’t lie in your resume”. If you do know something then don’t include it in your resume. A resume represents you to the company if a lie is in there then you are simply a liar. Having a page full of crappy things or lies is no good, it’s better to write what you really know and past work experience.

Data Analytics Virtual Experience

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Data Analytics Virtual Experience