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Be Flexible to Save Money When Buying a Car

In a market where new vehicle monthly payments of $1,000 or more are becoming increasingly common, being flexible in your car-buying approach can lead to significant savings.

Joseph Yun, a consumer insight analyst at Edmonds, shares valuable tips and considerations for consumers navigating the complex world of car purchases.

Rising Costs and Interest Rates

Over the past five years, vehicle prices have surged by nearly $10,000, accompanied by soaring interest rates.

With new car loan rates mirroring those of home loans at over 7%, the financial burden on consumers has intensified.

This necessitates a shift in mindset towards prioritizing needs over wants to align with budget constraints.

Flexibility in Vehicle Choice

Yun emphasizes the importance of reevaluating one’s vehicle needs. Opting for a slightly less luxurious model or downsizing to a smaller vehicle can yield substantial savings without compromising on essential features.

By being open to alternatives and considering practicality over extravagance, buyers can make more cost-effective decisions.

Electric Vehicles: A Consideration

For those contemplating electric vehicles (EVs), assessing charging infrastructure accessibility is paramount. Reliable charging options, whether at home or through public networks, are crucial for seamless EV ownership.

Understanding personal driving habits and the availability of charging stations is essential to determine if an EV aligns with one’s lifestyle.

Market Trends and Pricing

Despite stable prices reported by GM, the automotive market remains dynamic. While manufacturers strive to maintain pricing stability, discounts are resurfacing to incentivize sales.

However, the continuous climb in MSRP poses challenges, creating a balancing act for both buyers and sellers in the current economic climate.


In a landscape of evolving consumer preferences and economic fluctuations, adaptability and informed decision-making are key when purchasing a car.

By heeding expert advice, considering individual needs, and staying abreast of market trends, consumers can navigate the car-buying process with confidence and financial prudence.


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