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Want to crack Amazon Jobs drives?

Want to crack off campus drives? There is seriously no rocket science for clearing off-campus interviews. They are just like normal interviews, a mere conversation between you and the interviewer. You just have to stand out from the other students who are attending off-campus. Here, I would like you to take care of a few things: First and foremost, walk in with confidence and be positive. You have to perfect one programming language (Either C or java anyone).

Basic Qualification Required

Problem Solving you have to good problem solver. Logical and analytical skills. Communication Skills Last but not least, you must have strong communication skills to achieve the target.

Interview Tips 

Simply be confident, talk clearly and give your 100%. (Try to exercise in front of the mirror or record your videos while answering some questions and then share those videos or audios to your friends and mentors -so, that they can correct you beforehand. When you are talking about reputation and credibility what are factors that plays an important role:-

1- Academics & Achievements

2- Extracurricular activities

3- Projects

4- Social work or any valuable assignment done or currently doing TAKE ONE STEP AT A TIME.

If your legs are on two boats then you will fall from both. Go to interview like it’s the last, there is no other option and you really wanna do the work company doing, not for money. Talk politely and boldly with everyone you meet as you are not the only one in the queue. Always remember to say hello and thank you. Your appearance matter in the interview wears a white shirt and black pants with the back shoe.

Resume Tips

Last but not least “don’t lie in your resume”. If you do know something then don’t include it in your resume. A resume represents you to the company if a lie is in there then you are simply a liar. Having a page full of crappy things or lies is no good, it’s better to write what you know and past work experience.

Amazon Jobs

Do Amazon Jobs pay well?

The typical Amazon Software Engineer salary is ₹14,00,000 per year. Software Engineer salaries at Amazon can range from ₹3,00,000- ₹20,00,000 per year. 

What is the Highest Salary At Amazon

The highest-paying job at Amazon is a Senior Software Development Manager with a salary of around ₹1,00,00,000 per year.

Are Amazon Jobsworth it

Believe me, Amazon is one of the best employers in India.

  • Leave policy – Amazon has 45 paid leaves. State any 1 Indian private employer who will offer you 45 paid leaves?
  • Management – 1 of the best. In fact, the management is so fast and efficient that you will forget you are living in India.
  • Payscale – Everybody here knows Amazon offers you a salary nobody can offer. ( Not even other MNCs)
  • Accessibility – All the program managers and HRBP’s and other managers are always available and very very friendly. You can call them by their first name and chat like a friend.
  • Job security – No private employer in India can offer you job security like Amazon. They have a policy of issuing warning letters before kicking you out. They give you enough chance to improve.
  • Infrastructure – It’s like living in the USA while living in India.
Amazon Jobs
Amazon Jobs

Does Amazon Hire for Work From Home Jobs?

Yes, Amazon allows work-from-home jobs for many different roles and departments across the company. Amazon intends to allow most corporate employees to work from home indefinitely, so keep reading to learn about what kinds of jobs they offer and how to qualify.

What Is Amazon Jobs From Home?

  • Customer Service Associate
  • Amazon Mechanical Turk
  • Amazon Stylist
  • Administrative Support
  • Amazon Associate Affiliate

Can I get a job at Amazon?

Amazon, and other similar large tech companies, are hiring constantly. Often they see thousands of applications for the same roles, often being entry-level or new software engineering positions. You need to figure out how to play the hiring game so that you can rise above the noise and stand out from the competition.

Amazon Jobs
Amazon Jobs

Are Amazon Jobs Permanent?

No private employer in India can offer you job protection like Amazon. They have a procedure of giving notice letters before kicking you out. They give you a sufficiently chance to improve.

Can A Seasonal Employee Become Permanent Amazon?

Seasonal jobs at Amazon typically last six months, but the most common timeframe is from November to January. 

Are Amazon Jobs hard

The Job is very easy. The only bad part is that it could be mentally and physically draining. Flexible schedule for school students, managers are chill. If you really dedicate yourself to doing the work properly, you will be noticed, praised for quality and reliability, and even sometimes rewarded for your good work.

Is Amazon Hiring At home Jobs?

Amazon has virtual (or “remote”) positions available to qualified individuals who live in some areas. So if you aren’t near a physical Amazon location, or just want to see if there are virtual opportunities in your area, you’re in the right place.

Virtual opportunities are not available in all areas – specific questions about virtual positions can be discussed during the interview process with your recruiter.

Why Amazon Jobs Are Bad!

Amazon has a cheap culture when it comes to taking care of its employees. It pretends that it pays high for a job but in reality, the unpaid on-call works at the dead of the night and weekends are not compensated.

There may be weeks in a row when you spend time backfilling screwed up data and not writing a single line of code, unbelievable! The culture is to burn people out and then replace them with new people. That’s why the number of open positions never go down on its career site.

Can you Transfer Amazon Jobs?

Once you become permanent you can consult your Manager or SPM or HRBP about other openings suitable for you. Following are the unwritten rules for internal job transfers –

  1. For up to 1 year you are eligible to apply for any same level.
  2. But you must satisfy all the criteria mentioned in the description.
  3. You should not have received any warnings or PIP during your tenure at Amazon.
  4. You must be an above-average performer if not the best.

After 1 year you can apply for next-level jobs. For example, if you are level 4 then you can apply for level 5.