5 Best Ways to Connect on LinkedIn

You know you’re supposed to connect with people on LinkedIn and maybe you’ve tried a request here there. So how do we do this whole thing what are the best ways to connect on LinkedIn.

We’re gonna talk about five of them whether you are looking for a new job or just trying to build your network LinkedIn is a requirement in your professional world so let’s start talking about how to connect with people in really great ways!.

1. Create content

At least post content share content you need to be adding to the feed so when you share content that brings people to you whether it’s an original post that you made or you’re sharing an article also giving some thoughts about it.

At the top share some sort of content have a question at the end that people can answer and when they answer reply back and forth then send them a connection request right still put a personal message in there always put a personal message in you know saying

” Hey thanks for commenting on my post I’d love to keep the conversation going and learn more about you”

Share content, create content and post something in the feed that’s the first way.

2. Creating Polls

Right now polls are a pretty new-ish feature on LinkedIn so they’re still heavily favouring it which means when you post a poll it gets shown to a lot more people and you’ll have people voting on it that aren’t in your network because they saw it in someone else’s feed down the line and so you get to see who voted and which way they voted.

5 Best Ways to Connect on LinkedIn

You can connect with those people click on their full face hit connect add the personal message and say

“Hey thanks so much for voting in my poll talk about why you agree with them or what you thought of their answer”

And say I would love to get to know you better let’s connect.

3. Smart Use Of Social Media

Listen to podcasts read blogs watch youtube videos and then find those people on LinkedIn and ask them to connect this is honestly my favourite way to connect with people who are maybe outside my influence outside my sphere may be a notch above me.

If somebody’s on a podcast as a guest and I love what they had to say I love to reach out to them and ask for an invite on LinkedIn put in a personal message where you talk about what you appreciated from the podcast you heard.

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4. Clubhouse

It is a great way to the network so clubhouse is the audio-only social media app right now and there’ll be people in a room and you can go click on their profile see their names see what they’re about and the funny thing is it won’t link out to LinkedIn the way it will to Instagram.

5 Best Ways to Connect on LinkedIn


But people often still put their LinkedIn profile address in their profile on clubhouse or you just go search their name on LinkedIn. You can also just connect with other people in the clubhouse room find other people in the room read their profiles see if you have things in common or reasons you could connect and then go find them on LinkedIn.

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5. Intentional invite

Sometimes there are those people that you want to connect with that you have no common person or you haven’t heard them on a podcast or seen them post anything.

When you have to send a cold one be intentional add a compliment tell them why you like their product their company why you’re interested in doing what they do add something that shows hey i really appreciate you that’s why I’d connect the bottom line with all of these be genuine and find a purposeful reason to reach out that is the best way to get a connection.